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The S/4 Dilemma: S4 Is Simplicity Itself, But...

2018-01-23 16:00:00 +0000

Most of the big projects within SAP have been delivered across the markets and according to a recent article, the number of new clients has declined as the market in the large enterprise space has become saturated. SAP projects were perceived to be more about roll-out, upgrades and enhancements. I completely agree with his statements in the article. We're seeing this every day, with customers needing support from freelance or internal resources to cover...


New Year, New Career!

2018-01-03 12:00:00 +0000

time for a fresh start? Finding the best talent in the tech industry is what we're all about. But to do that, we need top talent of our own. The recruitment market is competitive, fast-paced and offers a wealth of opportunities for the right people. If the New Year is getting you in the mood to try a new challenge, maybe you have the right stuff to make a splash in the recruitment industry. As a leading global technology recruitment agency, here's what ...


Latest News