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Montash Reviews - here is what Martin had to say...

Name: Martin Rennison
Job Title:  Head of Account Management
Time at Montash: 9 months

What do you like the most about working at Montash?
What I have been most impressed and what attracted me to the organisation is the fact that the business really takes the specialist areas very seriously, it practices what it preaches, therefore a lot of the consultants here, irrespective of how long they have been here they are true market specialists. They are inch wide and a mile deep.  The recruitment market has changed and Montash are capable of changing with it.

What were you doing before joining Montash?
Before joining Montash, I have been nine years in the recruitment industry primarily focussing on the financial IT markets anything from front office IT to back office IT. I started off as a rookie recruiter I had a bit of sales experience prior to that and then I worked my way up.

What is the highlight of your career?
In some ways it’s nice to say that the highlight of my career is today, because Montash has seen potential and they have given me the opportunity to build my business and add value to the overall business. In the past last year I had a fantastic year at my old organisation. I was the only Manager to hit his personal billing target plus all team members hitting their billing targets, so for me last year was a great year where I was on an absolute high.

What do you think about the leadership at Montash?
I think the leadership at Montash absolutely know their market.  They are very driven, very engaging and very enthusiastic, this is infectious.  Every single person in the business looks up to the management team. Andy Larholt who founded this business does not sit in an ivory tower, he is out there engaging with everyone, he is helping new employees, he’s training them and guiding them whilst looking at the overall business and being strategic. The leadership team are the people who you inspire to be. People want to do the best, there is no sniping here which I’m very impressed by.

What are your thoughts about career progression?
It’s one of the reasons why I joined Montash, I was interviewed by ten other recruitment agencies, I had offers and of course I had rejections. Even given the ambiguity around the role, Andy was clear on where this role will go. They practice what they preach. Within my first month I witnessed three people being promoted. They hit their targets; I’ve been given my targets the career progression is plastered all over the kitchen wall. So there is a route to directorship that has been laid out in front of me, it’s up to me how soon I want to reach my goal, but the opportunity is there for the taking.

Do you feel you have clear guidance on your career development?
It’s an evolving role, in an evolving business, so at that the end of a quarter I will be saying, let’s take stock, let’s look at accounts, let’s look at the clients, and lets us build it from there. So actually for me it’s far more reassuring that the business views my role as a key part of its success and that the plan does not need to be set in stone.

What has been your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement is the fact that I have remained in the recruitment industry for nine years. Recruitment is a very quick paced industry, people come and go and I have survived through the financial crisis whilst recruiting for the financial sector. Recruitment is something I still have the same burning passion for it as I did when I first started in the industry. Outside of my job I have done many things, I have been the President of my student union whilst at university, ran in National Student election, I’ve lobbied MPs in parliament during the top up fees debate back in 2004 and 2005. Whilst at University I ran a comedy night and was also the warm-up act for the likes of Jimmy Carr, Reginald D Hunter, Adam Hill, Alan Carr and Paul Sinha! 

Describe the culture at Montash?
I’m asked that question all the time by friends what’s your job like? I’ve only had two jobs in recruitment for the past nine years, which is actually a pretty good record. Not to do a disservice to my previous employer, but the welcome I got from Montash was phenomenal, everyone has been absolutely amazing, encouraging, and supportive.  There is genuine niceness from all the team. In my opinion I’ve not been treated with any suspicion which I know coming in as a senior manager can happen at other firms.  Montash has its core values which I truly can see through everyone they conduct themselves by the 5 core values, Quality, Honesty, Credibility, Leadership and Passionate.  They’re not just throw away statements you actually see everyone talking about this, you see them doing their reviews and the core values are spoken about. One of the words that really speak volumes to me and may not be on the wall is “collaboration” they work across each other and are open with information, which is really important in the role that I’m doing because I’m trying to join the practices and cross-sell opportunities.

What have you enjoyed most about the culture?
The people here really do care about what they are doing, they care about their reputation, they care about Montash’s reputation. The Montash brand helps us get into places with a lot of candidates and clients.  The team take their job seriously, but with grace and humour and they know how to enjoy themselves. That’s what I like about Montash, people have pride and passion in what they do and for me that’s a great thing because it makes you raise your game. Seeing everyone push themselves makes you want to push yourself.

What advice would you give consultants joining Montash?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure what to do? We are happy to give you that help. We want you to learn and excel. You need to work hard, really need to come in and get on with your job; if you want to be successful you have to be collaborative. Get involved in the culture, offer advice and don’t be afraid to ask questions and be part of the team.

Having spent nine years in the banking market, what underlines the fact that Montash is vertical specialists with account managers for each market, what helps the fact that the specialists works across series of industries. So if you’re a vertical specialist you get to work across Finance, FMCG, Automotive, Travel and Pharmaceuticals because these technical people sit into it. From an account manager point of view I’m not tied to just one sector, I have a spread across various markets within the specialist areas.

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