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Montash Reviews - here is what Marcus had to say...

Name: Marcus Seoane
Job Title:  Associate Consultant
Time at Montash: 9 months

What do you like most about working at Montash?
The best thing I like at Montash is the comradery! Everyone is driving towards the end goal, but it’s done in a civilised and dignified approach. You get the reward and recognition for the work you do.

What were you doing before joining Montash?
Before joining Montash, I was a customer relationship manager at a health club managing the sales process and customer experience from beginning to end. In my previous position there was no reward and recognition, no matter how hard you worked. The rewards and recognition culture attracted me to work for Montash.

What is the highlight of your career?
I have two highlights; one of which was winning half time academy performer and the other one was managing and filling four roles in December and subsequently getting on the lunch club and winning biggest contract biller in Q4 2014.

What do you think about the leadership at Montash?
The leadership at Montash is great; your career is well mapped out, you know exactly what your reporting line is, you know who you need to go to if you have problems in specific areas. The Leadership team is always there to listen to you; they are never hiding away in their offices. The Leadership Team are always out on the floor with you and there is no one there that you can’t approach regardless to whatever the question is.

What do you think about career progression at Montash?
It’s great you can progress up to Director Level which we can see through the recent promotions with Simon Butler and Oliver Whiting moving to Associate Director Positions. You know it can be done because you can see it has been done before. Likewise if you don’t want to progress up to management level and you don’t particularly want to be a manager you don’t have to, you are given an option of an alternative route to Account Management or Business Development.

Do you feel you have clear guidance on your career and personal development?
Yes, we have our quarterly appraisals and regular one-to-ones with our managers, we are always focussing on the next step, it doesn’t matter at what position you’re at, you’d always look at the next goal and you can see it in the kitchen there is a big diagram of how you can progress from researcher level all the way up to director and we are given realistic targets to achieve this.

What has been your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement was doing 4 placements in December and winning biggest contract biller in Q4 2014 and also being promoted to Associate Consultant I did that in a couple of months of being here.

Describe the culture at Montash?
The culture is relaxed at the right times and it’s full on at the right times. Everyone is pushing for the same goal; you have clear direction from your Manager, Directors and the CEO. The CEO sits with us and works with us. Everyone works to their best ability.

What advice would you give other consultants joining Montash?
My advice to other consultants joining Montash is to listen, work your hardest. When I first got here that’s precisely what I did for the first few weeks, I listened to other consultants on how they were on the phone, as the time went by I developed my own approach as everyone is different, everyone has their own way of communicating over the phone. By listening to various different people, gives you an idea of the type of consultant you want to be. The principles of recruitment are simple. Providing you follow the process, you can ask the questions in whichever way is comfortable for you. You need 3 key principles to be successful in recruitment; follow the process work hard and be determined. Follow this, and you will be successful.

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